Teddy’s Lookout

The top end of George Street, at the back of the Lorne, has one of the most scenic views popularly known as Teddy’s lookout. The walkway has been reconstructed and it is the path that takes you to the perfectly painted scenery. From the viewpoint, you can see the Saint George river and when you look to the right, this mesmerising river subsides into mountains and valleys. Conclusively, the entire beauty of the Great Ocean Road is pictured in one frame.

The spot can be reached easily as it’s near Lorne, and you can drive almost to the top of this spot. The car parking area is quite big so it saves from the parking hassle too. Above all, visiting the site is free. From the car park, you just have to take a 2 minutes easy walk, almost 50 kilometers, to reach the spot. 

Therefore, this 180-degree view is easy for young kids and elderly people. People who use wheelchairs can easily move around as the ramps are available to provide them a comfortable experience too. If you love heights and want to feel a sense of freedom then this place is for you. 

View of Great Ocean Road from Teddy's Lookout
Image source: Russellstreet

The view is so breathtaking that you must add it to your bucket list. All you need is 20 minutes to consume the beauty of the site. The river, sandy beaches, oceans, and green mountains, almost all the beauty of nature could be seen from the Teddy’s lookout. Overall the view, sometimes, seems otherworldly and is worth the sight.

The site is perfect for a short visit but staying a bit longer can turn out to be the best decision too as you can do many other things there. The tables and chairs are also available, along with the picnic opportunities and BBQ in front of a view which is worth dying for. 

Near the car park, there is a little hut as well. The bushes around the river and the panoramic view of the ocean are something out of this world. Photographers will love it, photos taken here turn out to be extremely stunning. 

Teddy's Lookout
Image source: Cafuego

It cannot capture the whole beauty of the view but is still worth taking for the sake of the memories. You can also plan for hiking while looking at the alluring work of nature. Koalas and cockatoos could be spotted there. People often feed them food as well. Sometimes, from the viewpoint, whales can be seen in the river too. In short, this site has almost everything a nature lover could ever wish to see.

Directions to Teddy’s Lookout

The Saint George River flows, underneath Teddy’s lookout, into Bass Street. This Vista point in Lorne, Australia has an elevation of 113 meters. Having a car is a plus point so that you may easily enjoy the sight, which is so breathtaking while driving. The windy air will make you feel fresh and relaxed. So what are you waiting for, wear some warm clothes and head to, this address, 53 George St, Lorne VIC 3232, Australia.

Attractions Near Teddy’s Lookout

While visiting Teddy’s Lookout you can visit Erskine Falls which is in the same area. We suggest you see the splashing water of the Erskine Falls first, and then head towards Teddy’s lookout. After which you may visit Henderson Falls. These three are a must if you’re looking for attractions near Lorne. All these sites have majestic views that will leave you in awe.