Gibson Steps

While planning to visit the famous Twelve Apostles on the Great Ocean Road, you must take some time to observe the mesmerising view of the lavish beach which is beneath Gibson Steps. From the viewing point, at the top of the steps, you’ll be able to see two giant rock cliffs which add more beauty to the whole scenery. 

These, 70 metres high, vertical cliffs are known as Gog and Magog. As the name Gibson Steps hints, by taking 86 steps, you’ll make your way down to see the alluring waves. Moreover, the beach itself has different species of vibrant sea creatures which are visible from the water’s surface. The cool breeze, and the clear water, will make you fall in love with life again.

Best Time to Visit Gibson Steps

Gibson Steps Great Ocean Road
Image source: Mike Hauser

The view is magically beautiful throughout the year. Nice walks could be taken from the Gibson Steps parking area to the beach which are 3.5km apart from each other. These walks are especially perfect during Autumn, spring, and winter as walking the distance is easy during these seasons, and you can save your energy if you have plans to visit other attractions on the same day. 

During high tide periods, the gates are closed so you couldn’t go near the ocean and cliffs. But this does not affect beauty in any way. This incredible scenic view can be seen from the viewing point and all it takes is 15 minutes to tick off the list.

Things to Do & See

Rock pilons and beach at Gibson Steps
Image source: Josh Stefanini

It is very popular for fishing. If you intend to fish here, get some knowledge about the high tide times as being aware is always good for safety. If everything is all set then you’re good to go. 

Catch some fish, and grab dinner or lunch right in front of the real-life scenery. The only thing we will tell you to beware of is going near the cliffs as rocks could fall. Apart from this, there are no other restrictions. Wear some warm clothes, and a rough pair of sandals if you want to play along the seashore or simply, don’t wear them.

 Just stand still as the cold water rushes up the sand and feel every passing breeze that could make you feel as if you’re in heaven. Capture the scenic views that the sight has to offer so that you won’t have any regrets that you are missing out on something.

Directions to Gibson Steps

Beach and cliffs at Gibson Steps
Image source: Sherman Geronimo-Tan

The exact location of Gibson Steps is in Port Campbell National Park, Great Ocean Rd, Port Campbell VIC 3269, Australia.

Many visitors will drive from Melbourne, which is  225 kilometre, 3 hour drive. Most of this is along the Great Ocean Road. If you’re unable to take your own vehicle, the nearest bus lines stop is Warrnambool – Melbourne via Apollo Bay & Geelong.

Nearby Attractions

People at Gibson Steps
Image source: Mike Hauser

Australia’s Great Ocean Road is indeed an incredible road that takes you to the most beautiful places while giving you the view of hypnotising beaches. If you’re visiting Gibson Steps, visiting the world famous Twelve Apostles is a must. 

They are located in the same area but have separate entrances. We suggest you visit twelve apostles before visiting Gibson’s step for your feasibility. You can also eat some refreshments while looking at the Twelve Apostles, which is 45 metres high from the southern ocean. 

The distance between the two attractions is 1 kilometre. Loch and gorge is another amazing attraction for tourists. It is at a distance of 3 minutes from the Twelve apostles. Port Campbell National Park is also located in the same area.